ALYCE Claims Management Software

The Alyce Claims Management System is a browser based, fast, efficient, and easy to learn Claims Management browser based software specifically designed for self-insureds, municipalities and small TPAs.

Alyce includes reserve management, payments with repeat payment scheduling, salvage and subrogation details, automatic diaries, check and voucher printing, 1099 generation, notes, OSHA segment tracking, regulatory forms, form letters, a centralized address book, and reports sent to PDF and Excel.

Optional modules include imaging workflows with a MS Outlook add-in, medical bill repricing, CMS Section 111 interface, PAR workflows, external claim entry, and IAIABC Claims EDI.

Self Insured businesses, municipalities, trusts, pools, and TPAs all use Alyce.

Alyce’s users include a TPA with 50 people handling claims for multiple trusts and self insured clients, scaling to a municipality with just 1 person handling all claim office functions.

Workers Compensation, Auto Liability, Auto Property, General Liability, and Property claims are all supported by Alyce.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast, Efficient, Reliable, and Easy to Learn
  • Scalable for 1 to 50 people
  • Flexible workflows
  • Browser based
  • On demand PDF and Excel Reports
  • Fantastic Support
  • Privately held company started in 1998

Workers’ Compensation, Auto, General Liability, and Property Claims Management Software.