Brightwork, Inc., founded and incorporated by Ted Luekens in 1998, began with the idea of writing custom insurance software. In 2003, we released our flagship product, ALYCE. Brightwork has continued writing custom software for the insurance industry, and ALYCE has continued to be a success for Brightwork and our clients.

Brightwork’s Insurance Software serves micro, small and mid-sized TPAs, IMEs, municipalities, and self insureds. ALYCE is specifically targeted to micro and small businesses which need powerful and substantial software to compete against offerings by mid-sized and large competitors. Our technical agility is part of our clients’ competitive edge, as is incorporating our consulting services and business solutions into their business solutions.

Along with producing and supporting a packaged software system, Brightwork has earned recognition for the ability to produce custom tailored solutions for our clients’ business rules and requirements. Our reputation stems from our unique approach in providing support which targets the requirements of our customers, on demand and as needed. Our specialized pre-sales innovation and post-sales support makes us a unique solution resource. We are dedicated to offering a varying array of options and alternatives for any business need.

We are a small, independent software company, making it easy for our developers and support personnel to work exclusively with clients, developing specific answers to their markets and lines of business, with their unique requirements. We are a privately owned company, incorporated in the state of Illinois with clients throughout the United States.