Brightwork offers Alyce a hosted configuration. We, at Brightwork, put your data on our servers in our data center and manage all of the backups, updates, and space requirements for you.

If you don’t have an IT department or a technical expert handy, then this is the option for you. All of your data is encrypted and then transmitted from your browser to a secure, private environment. This configuration is also helpful for users who have employees that work from home offices.


We help you install the software and setup codes, letters, forms and reports. These are systems core to your business, so we don’t just hand over a CD and wish you luck. We work with you to configure the system just right for you which in turn, we hope will make you a happy customer for a long time.


Need an outside opinion? We offer our professional industry experience and knowledge to you. We can show you simple, new technologies that will enhance your product offerings. We can frequently show how inexpensive, off-the-shelf software can improve your business’s products.


Brightwork’s experienced and trained DBA’s will meet your every database need. We offer system tuning, backup management, and emergency/on-call services.


We design, develop and implement system interfaces to integrate business applications, including PPOs, Prescription vendors, and excess carriers.

Pre-Sales Innovation,
Post-Sales Support


We Become Part Of Your Team

When you choose Brightwork, we become part of your team. We will support your office with skilled developers, report writers, and business analysts. We listen to your needs, review your current system and provide a customized solution for your office.

Claims Software Made Easy

With ALYCE, you have easy, secure access from any device and from any location.
We provide detailed on-page instructions, read-only access for external clients and auditors, full financial features and many report options and elements to help your business run efficiently.

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