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ALYCE - Claims Management System

Workers' Compensation, Auto, General Liability,
and Property Claims Management Software.

ALYCE is specifically designed for self-insureds, municipalities and small TPAs handling Workers' Compensation, Auto Liability, Auto Property, General Liability, and Property claims.  ALYCE has an intuitive design with important data elements on the main claim page, including the claim's financial summary, with all of the other important details available with a quick scroll or a single click.

System Features:
  • Lines of Business
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Auto Liability
    • Auto Property
    • General Liability
    • Property
  • Browser based system for access from any PC or Mac
    • Available as a hosted application
    • Secure Sockets Layer encryption between server and workstations
  • Multi-tiered infrastructure for employer reporting requirements, based on locations and departments
  • Duplicate claim alerts (user defined)
  • Detailed on-page instructions
  • CMS MMSEA Section 111 Support
  • IAIABC Claims 3.0 EDI Interface
  • User security for individual adjusters
    • Financial Limits
    • Action and field level authority
    • Allow or restrict access to specific claims
  • Read-only access for external clients and auditors
  • Address book
    • Enter claimant, vendor, and other payee information one time
    • Central administration for claimants and payee information
    • Generate 1099s and track W-9s
    • Field level security with viewable change logs
  • Full Financial Features
    • Detailed Reserve Tracking
    • Scheduled and Repeating Payments
    • Recoveries, including salvage, subrogation, and excess carrier payments
    • Refunds
    • Deductibles
    • Financial interfaces for importing payment, refund, and recovery data
  • Check printing and payment controls
    • Duplicate payment alerts
    • Automated scheduled and repeating payments with diary alerts
    • User level financial security set by coverage and transaction type
    • Transfer payments between claims
    • Check and voucher printing
    • Multiple payments per check
    • Immediately reissue voided and stopped checks
    • Positive Pay file generation
    • Coverage level deductibles
    • Calculate AWW based on states' comp rates
    • Wage Compensation Rate alerts
  • Diaries and Notes
    • User generated diaries and notes
    • Automatic diaries based on events, time lines, and financial transactions
    • Urgent diaries
    • Easily sort through diaries and notes based on category
  • State Regulatory Forms
    • Auto-prefill and on-form editing of state forms
    • Email completed forms
  • Letters
    • Automatic generation of form letters to claimants, lawyers, and other claim parties
    • Prefill letters with custom claim data
    • Template editor
  • Litigation case tracking
  • Return To Work segment tracking (for WC)
  • Reports
    • Month-End Reports
      • Automatic report generation
      • Executive Overview report
      • Loss Runs
      • Payment Registers
      • Adjuster Activity
      • Adjuster Inventory
      • Comprehensive Financial History
      • Loss Triangles
      • Export via PDF, Excel and other formats
    • Instant Claim Reports
      • Financial summary or details with reserve history report
      • Diaries, notes, and claim activity report
      • Claim status report
      • One-Page claim report
    • Bulk Report Generation
      • Generate tens, hundreds, or thousands of reports with one click
      • Distribution system publishes reports to web or email lists

Optional Modules:
  • Imaging
    • Attach images, sounds, and movies to a claim
    • Export images into a single file for IMEs
    • Integrate with MS Outlook and attach emails and documents
    • Adjusters can access claim images while off-site
  • Medical Bill Review and Repricing
    • Instantly reduce medical bills on a claim
    • Comprehensive Rules engine follows state fee schedule rates and rules and PPO rates
    • Simple Interface allows quick data entry
    • Easy EOB report generation collated with check run or on demand
    • Integrated Quality Assurance process
    • Configuration of bill and line charges, including state fees to attach directly into claim financials
  • WebClaim
    • Customer self service First Notice of Loss Entry
    • Easy incident reporting over the web in a secure environment
    • Authorization module for claim acceptance or denial
    • Automatic state form generation
    • Automatically generate diaries
  • Data Warehouse / Data Mart
    • Detailed data structures allow for point-in-time reporting
    • Web reporting distribution system with HTML and PDF report generation
    • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting available
    • System reports give inception-to-date and monthly totals to balance reports
    • Bulk generation of HTML and PDF reports
    • User security and data integrity is inherited from production claim system
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